Assyrian Universal Alliance

The Assyrian Universal Alliance assures our dear Assyrians that it will remain loyal to its original Assyrian national stance and founding principles, which state

One Name for One Nation

One Language for One Nation

One Leadership for One Nation

A Homeland for Our Nation

and nothing will hinder its march toward the realization of our nation’s legal and historic rights.

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Conference of "Assyrians ... People without Rights" #IGO #IGOGCC #HUMANRIGHTS #...

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The International Gulf Organization for human rights (#IGO) has held a #conference with the Assyrian Universal Alliance (#AUA); the conference was dedicated to the #Assyrian people problems and was held under the slogan “Assyrians … people without rights”. The objective of the conference was to highlight the #humanitarian suffering of the #Assyrians and the rights #violations they have been subjected to during the previous period. ... See MoreSee Less

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