AUA – Press Release on Quran Burning in Sweden

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On June 30, 2023, the world witnessed a shameful and utterly disgraceful incident in Sweden, in
which the Holy Book of Quran was first desecrated and then burned by an individual.

We, the Assyrian Universal Alliance, wholeheartedly condemn this incident and express our sincere
disgust at this appalling action alongside the entire Muslim community.

The incident in Sweden occurred under the protection of the Swedish police, suggesting the event
was permitted pursuant to unrestricted freedom of speech, and irrespective of other values. Indeed,
the individual freedoms, irrespective of judicial laws, are gifts from our creator. However, this does
not mean that anyone should insult the other members of the human family through denigrating
their faith and beliefs. It is unfortunate that our world has slipped into pockets of extreme ideologies
that give rise to such despicable actions.

Again, the Assyrian Universal Alliance expresses its utter repugnance with the inexcusable action
of this individual, and condemns all such vile acts.

Executive Board
Assyrian Universal Alliance