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AUA – Press Release on Quran Burning in Sweden

On June 30, 2023, the world witnessed a shameful and utterly disgraceful incident in Sweden, inwhich the Holy Book of Quran was first desecrated and then burned by an individual. We, the Assyrian Universal Alliance, wholeheartedly condemn this incident and express our sinceredisgust at this appalling action alongside the entire

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Assyrian Martyrs Day Press Release

7/28/2021 RE: Assyrian Martyrs DayFor immediate release Each year on August 7th (SHAVA B’DTABBAKH ܫܒܥܐ ܒܛܒܚ) ܼܿ Assyrians worldwide honor thosewho lost their lives in preservation of our culture and legacy; in Assyrian, we call this (YOMAD’SAHDE ܝܘܡܐ ܕܣܗܕܐ) Martyrs Day, in recognition of their sacrifice. August 7th was originally

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Executive Board

The 30th world Congress of the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) was held for the first time online, from April 16 to April 18, and on April 25, 2021. The Congress Delegates elected the following members of the AUA Executive Board: Secretary General Mr. Carlo K. Ganjeh Deputy Secretary General and

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AUA SG meeting with KRG Foreign Relations

Press release July 10 2021 On July 9, 2021, Mr. Carlo K. Ganjeh, Secretary General of the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) attended a Zoom meeting with the KRG officials represented by Ms. Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, KRG representative in the United States of America, and Honorable Safeen Dizayee, Department of

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