About AUA

AUA in Brief

Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) is a leadership council comprised of representatives of Assyrian communities and organizations worldwide. The AUA was established in Pau, France, on April 13, 1968 to become a powerful voice for the Assyrian nation, committing itself to spreading, upholding, enhancing the Assyrian name around the world, and working to secure the sacred human and national rights of the Assyrian people in our homeland and in the Diaspora. The AUA diligently advocates the Assyrian Cause internationally and promotes the aspirations of the Assyrian nation. It ...

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Assyrian National Congress of Georgia   Assyrian National council of Iran   Assyrian Association of Armenia   Assyrian Australian National Federation   Assyrian Federation of Russia

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A Brief History

The 1960's were critical and decisive in relation to the modern history of Assyrian nation. After the world War I and II, the Assyrian people were betrayed and left alone to mercy of their hostile overlords in the countries of the Middle East. During this period they lived in isolation within the Moslem countries including Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Syria, Turkey, and Lebanon. In each of these countries the Assyrians lived in peace and as good industrious citizen and were very loyal to their respective government. Because of their ethnic background and Christian beliefs, on ...

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