AUA in Brief

Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) is a leadership council comprised of representatives of Assyrian communities and organizations worldwide. The AUA was established in Pau, France, on April 13, 1968 to become a powerful voice for the Assyrian nation, committing itself to spreading, upholding, enhancing the Assyrian name around the world, and working to secure the sacred human and national rights of the Assyrian people in our homeland and in the Diaspora. The AUA diligently advocates the Assyrian Cause internationally and promotes the aspirations of the Assyrian nation. It urges democratic governments and international bodies to defend the rights of the Assyrian people in their ancestral homeland, Iraq, and to preserve their national identity, culture, heritage, language and religion.

The AUA continuously promotes and maintains solidarity relations and communication with all other Assyrian political, social, and religious groups, organizations and establishments worldwide. The AUA encourages all Assyrian organizations throughout the world to establish national federations in their countries of residence and invites these federations to have affiliation with the AUA.


The AUA continues to establish presence in the countries of the Middle East where Assyrians reside. The AUA aims to nurture and develop the existing relations between Assyrians and the local and national authorities of these host countries. The AUA supports and promotes the parliamentary representation of Assyrians in their country of residence.

The AUA has held 28 World Congress sessions in which representatives of the Assyrian federations, organizations and political parties have participated, voicing the concerns of their respective communities and partaking in directing the affairs of the nation. Each AUA World Congress has convened in a different country to strengthen the relation between the AUA, the Assyrians and the government of that host country. The AUA World Congress has been held in the US, Europe, Australia, Iran and Iraq. The AUA had not been able to hold its World Congress in Iraq, the Assyrian homeland, until 2010 as the aspirations of the Assyrian people were in direct conflict with the policies of the ruling Baath regime, which continuously denied Assyrians their national identity and status as the indigenous people of Iraq and persisted in its attempts to Arabize them. Currently, the Secretary General of the Assyrian Universal Alliance is Honorable Yonathan Betkolia, who is also the Assyrian representative in the Iranian Parliament. The Assyrian Universal Alliance has five regions: the Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia and the homeland.

The Assyrian Universal Alliance assures our dear Assyrians that it will remain loyal to its original Assyrian national stance and founding principles, which state

One Name for One Nation

One Language for One Nation

One Leadership for One Nation

A Homeland for Our Nation

and nothing will hinder its march toward the realization of our nation’s legal and historic rights.