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Celebrating the Assyrian New Year Festival 6766 in Sydney

Sydney – 6 April, 2016 The Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) together with the Assyrian Australian National Federation (AANF) hosted one of the most successful Assyrian New Year Festivals in the last decade. Thousands of people were in attendance at Fairfield showground to celebrate the Assyrian culture. The Festival started at

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AUA Secretary General, Hon. Yonathan Betkolia, Assyrian New Year Message

In the name of God, the creator of all creations Date: 12/26/6765 No: 437 Blessed Metropolitans, Devout Bishops, Noble Priests, Honored Deacons, Beloved Assyrian Organizations, and Faithful Assyrians: Happy Nissan 6766 With my warmest greetings and respect: Nature awoke from its deep winter sleep and with it the blossom of

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Statement by Mr Chris Hayes MP , Member for Fowler

Sydney – 23 February 2016 Mr. Chris Hayes MP, Federal Member for Fowler and Chief Opposition Whip, made a statement in the Federal Parliament on 22nd February 2016, about the current situation of the Assyrians in the Middle East and the advocacy role of the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) in

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AUA Secretary General Yonathan Betkolia meets with a delegation from Norwegian Parliament

  السـيـد بت كـوليـا يجتمـع بالـوفد البـرلمـانـي النـرويجـي ومسـؤولين إيـرانـيين طهـران،  ٧ أيـار ٢٠١٥ عقـد أمـس السيد بت كوليـا، السكرتير العام للاتحـاد الآشوري العالمي وممثل شــعبنـا في البرلمـان الإيـرانـي، لقاء مع أعضـاء البرلمـان النرويجـي المؤلـف مـن السـادة:  Nykn Hvytflt  رئيسـة السـياسـة الخـارجيـة ومجلـس الإدارة والدفـاع ورئيسـة الـوفـد البرلمانـي النرويجـي وزملاؤهـا

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