Assyria Day 6771/2021

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Thousands of years ago, our ancestors called their settlement Mat Ashur. In time, the settlement became a superpower called Assyria, which eventually became the Assyrian Empire. Assyria was the first dominant nation-state in human history and contributed immensely to world civilization.

Our beloved Assyria has been referenced in the Bible as:

  • Assyria, a blessing on the earth (Isaiah 19:24)
  • Assyria the work of my hands (Isaiah 19:25)
  • Assyria . . . I made it beautiful (Ezekiel 31:3, 9)

Worldwide, Assyrians keep our connection with our ancestral homeland and celebrate Tammuz 1, Assyria Day, in remembrance of the past glory of Assyria and its civilization, our unwavering faith in its rise from the ashes of history, and our endeavor to secure a brighter future for our beloved Assyrians everywhere.


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