Congratulatory Letter from Assyrian Patriotic Movement

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To the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA)

Assyria Patriotic Movement (APM) extends its warmest congratulations to you on the success of your last conference and your election to a new executive board, and we wish you and the elected Secretary General, Mr. Carlo Ganjeh, every success in serving the Assyrian cause.

The Assyrian nation is going through a dangerous stage today after its displacement in parts of the world. Therefore, it requires all Assyrian institutions (political, youth, cultural, etc.) to unite and work to get rid of this situation and seek in the first place to restore the confidence of the Assyrian people by working directly in accordance with the principles of the Assyrian rightful cause (identity and land).

Therefore, APM declares its readiness to cooperate with any party that works seriously on the two mentioned principles and extends its hand to anyone who seeks to spread the Assyrian cause without any considerations whatsoever, and this task falls primarily on the institutions of the Assyrian diaspora.

Please accept with the utmost respect


Ashur Giwargis