The 30th Congress, Online April 16-18, 25, 2021

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The 30th World Congress of Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) took place online for the first time in its history from April 16 through April 18, and April 25, 2021 with participation of Assyrians from around the world. After extensive, elaborate, and open discussions on the condition of Assyrians on both ancestral lands and in the Diaspora, the following resolutions were unanimously approved:

WHEREAS, the Assyrian Universal Alliance, a representative body of Assyrians worldwide

  1. Expresses its sincere sorrow for the loss of life of all innocent fellow human beings to the COVID-19 pandemic, and its profound concern about the deep and long-lasting social and economic effects it has inflicted on people worldwide; and
  2. Is deeply and acutely concerned about the condition of Assyrians in the homeland, where Assyrians are not recognized as the indigenous people, but rather a religious minority; and
  3. Calls attention to the genocide against the Assyrians in the Middle East including attacks, murder, enslavement, and forced migration of the Assyrians from the Nineveh Plains and Khabour villages, as well as the destruction of historical archaeological sites in Iraq and Syria; and
  4. Calls on world governments to formally recognize the genocide and persecution of Assyrians before, during and after WWI; and


  1. The denial of Assyrian political and national rights during the Lausanne conference and by the League of Nations, post WWI; and
  2. The persecutions and transgressions committed against Assyrians, particularly the massacre of Simele in 1933; and
  3. The barbaric and cruel act of targeting a specific population with the intention of exterminating it, such as the holocaust of the Jews; and


  1. AUA’s first Congress declaration on One Name for One Nation, which is the Assyrian name; and
  2. AUA’s unwavering condemnation of all acts of terrorism worldwide; and
  3. The unity, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Syria and Iraq; and
  4. That an Assyrian is defined as an individual who acknowledges his or her heritage as being that of Assyrian, regardless of his or her religious beliefs, and pledges their unwavering allegiance to the Assyrian National Identity and the revival of Assyria.

NOW THEREFORE, the AUA declares the following:

a) As it relates to Iraq

  1. Calls for the immediate reconstruction of the Nineveh walls in Mosul; and
  2. Calls for the immediate return and restitution of all unlawful occupation and
    confiscation of Assyrian properties; and
  3. Calls for the formal acknowledgment and reservation of the Assyrian political
    rights as “indigenous” people of Iraq; and
  4. Calls for the preservation and protection of the Assyrian civil and economic rights
    in parallel with other Iraqi citizens, subject to no difference or discrimination
    when compared to other Iraqi citizens; and
  5. Calls for the institution of Constitutional Amendments to grant Assyrians not only
    representation in the Iraqi Parliament as a religious minority, but as the
    indigenous people of Iraq; and
  6. Protests the devastating impact of excluding the diaspora Iraqis in this year’s
    election proceeding; and
  7. Calls for amending Iraqi laws to trigger and cause the reunification of the
    diaspora Assyrians with their homeland by admitting them as full citizens of Iraq,
    regardless of their birthplace, and issuing them Iraqi passports upon their
    application; and
  8. Extends its appreciation to His Holiness Pope Francis for caring for the Middle
    East Christians and visiting with them in Iraq, causing new light to be shined on
    the Christian Assyrians, and bringing new focus to the issues in the Middle East;
  9. Extends its gratitude to His Holiness Pope Francis, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali alHusayni al-Sistani, and other religious leaders in Iraq, for meeting and discussing
    current issues that hopefully will lead to national unity among Muslims and
    Christians of Iraq as co-citizens; and

b) As it relates to Syria

  1. Calls for the Assyrian Political Parties in Syria to have a unified stance in drafting the new constitution, where Assyrians will be recognized as the indigenous people of Syria with corresponding rights; and
  2. Expresses its deep opposition to any and all forms of regional autonomy in Syria by any and all ethnic groups, which will inevitably lead to deepening of differences and escalation of conflicts; and

c) As it relates to Iran

  1. Extends its gratitude to the Red Crescent of the Islamic Republic of Iran for helping our Assyrian people and others in the country of Iraq with humanitarian support.; and
  2. Extends its gratitude to Hon. Yonatan BetKolia for tirelessly representing the Assyrians of Iran in the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran for five terms, and serving as the Secretary General of the Assyrian Universal Alliance for ten years; and
  3. Congratulates Mr. Sharli Enweya for his election, as the representative of Assyrians, to the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran, where he is the successor to the oldest Assyrian representative seat in modern history; and
  4. Extends it gratitude to His Holiness Pope Francis for supporting a peaceful and negotiated settlement of differences between the US and Iran, and his general support for peace and security in the region; and
  5. Hopes that Assyrians of Iran, who like all other Iranians have suffered immensely due to the economic sanctions, will benefit from their removal as a result of normalization of relationships and improving economic conditions; and

d) As it relates to Turkey

  1. Calls on the government of Turkey to appoint a commission to resolve the Assyrian land disputes in Turkey that have been outstanding since WWI; and
  2. Calls for the immediate release of Clergyman Father Sefer (Aho) Bilecen, who is sentenced to twenty-five months; and
  3. Calls on the government of Turkey to investigate the disappearance of Mr. Hurmuz Diril and his wife Simoni, the parents of Father Ramzi Diril; and

e) As it relates to Lebanon

  1. Calls on the world governments to assist Lebanon to develop a sustainable economic recovery that will alleviate the social and economic suffering prevalent in Lebanon that has destroyed the country’s civic cohesion; and

f) As it relates to Armenia

  1. Extends its heartfelt gratitude to the government of Armenia for formally recognizing the Assyrian genocide, and
  2. Calls on the Armenian government and His Holiness Catholicos Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, to equitably resolve the dispute of the Assyrian church building, which was constructed by the Assyrians in the village of Golyaser Armenia, and return the church building to its rightful owners, which is the Assyrian Armenian community; and

g) As it relates to Russia

  1. Brings to the attention of the government of Russia that the Assyrians in Iraq and Syria have suffered the most due to the armed conflicts, mayhem and insecure living conditions, and calls upon it to exercise its influence to remedy the Assyrians’ predicament; and
  2. Calls upon Russia to exercise its influence in order to protect the rights of the Assyrians; and

h) As it relates to the United States of America

  1. Calls on the US Congress to recognize the Assyrian Genocide, in line with that of the Armenians, and the Assyrian Martyrs day; and
  2. Extends its appreciation to the USAID for supporting the Assyrians in Iraq to rebuild their lives; and
  3. Calls on the US Office of the Attorney General to exonerate and clear Mr. Robert W. DeKelaita from all charges, and to reinstate his license to practice law;

And furthermore, the AUA

  1. Calls for an Assyrian World Conference in April 2022; and
  2. Calls for strengthening the Assyrian political solidarity; and
  3. Calls for the preservation of Assyrian National identity, culture, and language, encouraging Assyrians worldwide to oppose the use of divisive names and identities; and
  4. Calls upon all Assyrian religious authorities and organizations to support and strengthen our National Unity under a single name and banner that is the Assyrian identity.