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Summary Report

April 26, 2021

The 30th world Congress of the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) was held for the first time
online, from April 16 to April 18, and on April 25, 2021. The following decisions were made by
the Congress Delegates:

• Election of a new Executive Board
• Adoption of Key Resolutions
• Internal Restructuring

The election was held during the Congress resulted in the AUA Executive Board to consist of:

  Mr. Carlo K. Ganjeh, Secretary General
  Mr. Ninoos Y. Benjamin, Deputy Secretary General, and Treasurer

  Mr. Jack Betkolia, Secretary of the Middle East Chapter
  Ms. Irina Gasparyan, Secretary of the Eastern Europe and the Caucuses Chapter
  Mr. Joe Rasho, Secretary of the Americas Chapter
  Ms. Loubeh David, Secretary of the Australia and New Zealand Chapter
  Mr. Ghassan Younan, Secretary of the Western Europe Chapter

  Mr. Noqzar N. P. Tsiklauri, Board Member
  Dr. Anoil Bet Yavari, Board Member
  Mr. Simon Essavian, Board Member

The newly elected AUA Executive Board has made the following appointments:

  Mr. Atour Golani, Chairman of the AUA Board of Advisors Council
  Honorable Yonatan Betkolia, Secretary of Foreign Relations

The newly elected Executive Board of the Assyrian Universal Alliance took office on April 25, 2021 with a mandate to implement the following key resolutions & others adopted by the AUA 30th Congress:

  • Claiming the Assyrians’ rights as indigenous people of Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey.
  • Reaffirming the Assyrian identity to include all persons who adhere and acknowledge their common heritage and history as Assyrians, regardless of such persons’ faith, religious denomination, or birthplace.
  • Pursuing immediate release and freedom of unjust incarcerations of all Assyrians.
  • Pursuing exoneration of all Assyrians that have been subjected to unjust and coercive measures, leading to their unwarranted hardship, both socially and economically.
  • Calling for the Assyrian World Conference to be held in April of 2022.

The Secretariat of the AUA Australia and New Zealand Chapter was restructured and reorganized by accepting the resignation and permanent expulsion of the former Chapter representatives, Mr. Hermiz Shahen and Mr. David David and Mrs. Suzy David, a former member of the AUA Board of Advisors residing in Australia, and installing Ms. Loubeh David, as the new Chapter Secretary, with a new team of AUA activists to lead the Chapter’s mission in full cohesion and cooperation with the AUA Executive Board.