The 28th Congress Tehran, Iran October 6-10, 2011

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The 28th World Congress of the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) convened in Tehran, Iran from October 6 through October 10, 2011 with participation comprising of more than fifty (50) Assyrian representatives from thirteen (13) countries. The AUA extends its warm gratitude to the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran for their hospitality. Furthermore, AUA extends its appreciation to the all Foreign Ambassadors in the Opening Ceremony.

NOW THEREFORE, the AUA declares the following:

  1. Supports the resolutions of the assembly of the ChaldeanSyriacAssyrian union of political organizations and congratulates them on the success of their 9th conference hosted by AUA in Tehran, Iran on October 7th 2011.
  2. Demands the immediate establishment of an Assyrian Province as part of the Federal Republic of Iraq on our ancestral lands in Northern Iraq which region shall include an indigenous parliament and a security force.
  3. Condemns all acts of terrorism and violence carried out against all Iraqis including acts against the indigenous and defenseless Assyrians.
  4. Demands that the Federal Government and the Kurdish Regional Government of Iraq return immediately all occupied Assyrian lands and villages to Assyrians.
  5. Draws the attention of the international community to the plight of our people and demands worldwide support to save this most ancient and indigenous race of Iraq.
  6. Deeply concerned regarding the current political situation in Syria and totally opposes the bloodshed, declaring that neither the use of force nor any foreign intervention is the solution. AUA supports the public and peaceful protests; and freedom for a democratic Syrian nation.
  7. Unconditionally supports all the Assyrian (Syriac) political parties and organizations in obtaining constitutional recognition and securing their rights as the indigenous people of Syria.