Assyrian Universal Alliance > Resolutions > Congress Resolutions > The THIRD CONGRESS KOLN-GERMANY JULY 24-27, 1970

The Assyrian Nation of today is the remnant of the once great Assyrian Empire, and the greatest missionary church, which the world has ever known. Since World War I, thousands of Assyrians have died for the cause of freedom and the faith in their forefather lands (Mesopotamia). It is the principle that matters and not the quantity of populations, justice is indivisible. It is a small nation such as the Assyrians that particularly need protection to safeguard their freedom. The Assyrians are the people who have existed in the Mesopotamia from the dawn on history. Assyria is their homeland, and by reason of history they have an undisputed right to their survival as a people in that home Mesopotamia, where the Assyrians should live free from want and fear, and should be able to preserve their Christian faith, their language, and their ancient culture. They should be granted equal rights as Kurdish have received. The Assyrians are peaceful people and anxious to live with their neighbors in peace and amity, and are willing to cooperate with them to the fullest extent, irrespective of religion or creed.

With faith in the human right charter and the subsequent declaration pertaining to freedom, justice and equality for all people, both large and small and relaying upon justice of Assyrian cause, we submit this appeal to the world.