Assyrian Universal Alliance > Resolutions > Congress Resolutions > The FIRST CONGRESS PAU-FRANCE APRIL 10-13, 1968
  1. There will no longer be a variety of names as previously called Nestorians, Chaldeans,
    Jacobites, Maronites etc. to divide the Assyrian people, but all factions will be referred to as Assyrians (ATOURIA).
  2. It was recommended that there be two officially recognized Assyrian Languages; the Modern Assyrian (Swadaya) and Literary Assyrian (Supraya).
  3. To establish an academy to construct a uniform alphabet to simplify the structure of each Assyrian letter for the common use of all.
  4. The protection of the right of our people to live with dignity and freedom as provided in the United Nations “Charter of Human Rights”, or any other proper channels.
  5. Providing schools and scholarships for our youth in order to raise the standard of education.

  6. Through all known means of communication to introduce and expand the Assyrian culture in the world.
  7. April 1st shall be designated the “Assyrian National Day” throughout the world.
  8. The establishment of three separate chapters, one in Asia, one in Europe and on in the United States of America. For the purpose of gathering all the vital information regarding the needs of our people, for the second meeting.
  9. To arrange for a second meeting to be held in London as requested by the Great Britain delegates.
  10. The organization of a National Assyrian political body.
  11. All these decisions to be presented to the affiliates and the people by their respective representatives.
  12. To request the patriarchs of the various church denominations to come together for the purpose of uniting the Assyrian people, also recommending that all religious services and sermons be conducted in the Assyrian language.
  13. The Assyrian World Congress wishes to express its gratitude to all nations and governments that have given the Assyrian people the freedom to teach our language in their countries.
  14. Further, the Assyrian World Congress expresses its deep appreciation to the French Government and the officials of the City of Pau for their sincere assistance in insuring the success of this Congress, and we gratefully acknowledge the expressions of good wishes for success from individual Assyrians, Assyrian organizations and our many other friends in high places.
  15. We recommend one flag for all the affiliates.
  16. To purchase land and establish a home that shall be an Assyrian National Home, in one of the free countries.
  17. By extending economic aid to our people in the Middle East we will stop Assyrian immigration to other parts of the world.
  18. When the chapters decide that they are ready, the second Congress meeting will then be held.
  19. Invited delegates will be the only ones to attend the meeting.
  20. It was unanimously decided by all the delegates at this Congress that this has now been established as the ASSYRIAN UNIVERSAL ALLIANCE.