Assyrian Universal Alliance > Resolutions > Congress Resolutions > The 6th CONGRESS NEW YORK-USA APRIL 25-30, 1973

The sixth Congress of the Assyrian Universal Alliance by unanimous resolution decided to give Malick Yacob D’Malick Ismail, its fullest support on their behalf and expresses its appreciation for his labor on behalf of the Assyrian people.

Having carefully reviewed the present situation of the Assyrian Nation in the Republic of Iraq and with due consideration to the following Proclamations:

  1. Historical Proclamation of 11th of March 1972, which solves the Kurdish cause in the peaceful means.
  2. According Cultural Rights to the Assyrians, dated April 16, 1972.
  3. Granting Autonomy to the Iraqi minorities, dated September 23, 1972.
  4. Granting amnesty to the Assyrians who desire to return to their homes, dated December 25, 1972.

The Assyrian Universal Alliance Congress, expresses its appreciation to the Republic of Iraq, and firmly believes that the above proclamations will pave the path towards amity, brotherhood and ultimate peace.

In fair consideration, the Congress of the Assyrian Universal Alliance proudly bestows upon your Excellency Ahmed Hassan El Bakr, President of the Revolutionary Command Council of the Republic of Iraq, the Honorary Award as “THE MAN OF THE YEAR”.