Assyrian Universal Alliance > Resolutions > Congress Resolutions > The 5th CONGRESS GENEVA- SWITZERLAND APRIL 26-30, 1972
  1. The Congress hereby expresses its deep gratitude to the Government of Switzerland for the privilege accorded to the Assyrian Universal Alliance, on their fifth Congress being held in Geneva. We offer our abiding appreciation to His Excellency Chancellor Jean Paul Gallard, for the warm welcome accorded to the members of the Assyrian Universal Alliance Congress.
  2. The Congress paid special tribute to the great Assyrian patriots who diligently labored for the securing of the National Homeland for the Assyrians; documentary evidences at the United Nations formerly the League of Nations, verifies these endeavors.
  3. Having adopted as our primary objective THE NATIONAL HOME for the Assyrians, we hereby appeal to all countries, United Nations, to justly consider and support our cause.
  4. The Congress unanimously agreed to express their intense appreciation to the Heads of State in countries wherein the Assyrians reside, having accorded the privileges of freedom and the pursuit of peaceful existence.
  5. In just and humble consideration, the Assyrian Universal Alliance Congress gratefully bestows upon His Imperial Majesty Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, Shah-in-Shah Aryamehr Shah of Iran, and the honorable Award as the Man of the Year.
  6. The Congress, with deep devotion and full appreciation of the valor and deeds of the great Assyrian Patriot Malick Yacoub Malick Ismail, confers upon him the distinguished award of Honor, THE STAR OF ASHOUR.