Assyrian Universal Alliance > Resolutions > Congress Resolutions > The 2nd CONGRESS LONDON-ENGLAND AUGUST 13-17, 1969

National Symbols:

  • National Anthem which should express the deepest aspiration of the nation.
  • National Flag should be recommended after long and accurate research.
  • Set ups a system of belief and relay it through all possible means of communication to a large number of Assyrians as possible.
  • Preservation of some worthwhile national traditions.

Assyrian language:

  • As a nation, we need literature, talented writers and poets, teachers, social workers…etc.

National Funds:

  • Combine your resources to enable you to fulfill your aims.


  • Begin with a Constitution and a group of leaders to implement it.
  • Constitution is an instrument by which settles and peaceful procedures may govern the political life of the nation.
  • Leaders must be men and women of great ability and charm

Some immediate possibilities:

There is a possibility that at least with two countries, i.e. Canada and Australia, negotiations maybe attempted for immigration of some Assyrians, a mixture of skilled and unskilled, favorable terms maybe concluded.

These two countries are progressing rapidly and their requirements for immigration are within reach. Our people can contribute a lot to the economy of these countries. Passage assistance may be asked for and possibly be granted.

After lengthy preparations and well timed, the possibility of approaching the Offices of the United Nations. Under the Human rights these may be just a slight chance of some help for Assyrian minority and refugees.