The 24th World Congress London, England July 7 – 9, 2005

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WHEREAS the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) an umbrella organization for the Assyrian people worldwide, in recognition of the needs of the Assyrian people in the historical homeland (ASSYRIA), expresses its concern about the political and human rights situation of the Assyrian people in Iraq,

RECALLING the genocide and the persecution of the Assyrian people in the homeland by the former Ottoman controlled rule,

RECALLING further the subsequent denial of the recognition and rights of the Assyrian people during the Conference of Lausanne and the League of Nations,

RECALLING further the subsequent massacres, persecutions, and transgressions against the Assyrian people including the Simele massacre (1933) and elsewhere,

REAFFIRMING our strong condemnation of the acts of terrorism worldwide

REAFFIRMINIG our conviction that the war in Iraq was necessary in freeing Iraq from an evil tyrant and brutal government,

REAFFIRMING that the Assyrian people are the indigenous people of Iraq,

REAFFIRMING the unity, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Iraq, REAFFIRMING that the AUA is an associate member of the World Peace Network (WPN),

Now, therefore, the AUA declares the following:

  1. We reaffirm that there will no longer be a variety of names to divide the Assyrian people, but all will be referred to as ASSYRIANS.
  2. We congratulate the newly established government in Iraq and we encourage them to bring forth a democratic and secular constitution.
  3. We demand that the government of Iraq recognize the Assyrian people as the Indigenous people of Iraq.
  4. We demand that the government of Iraq recognize and include the Assyrian Nation constitutionally as a third principal nation within the political frame of the Republic of Iraq.
  5. The constitution of Iraq must stress that Iraqi people be comprised of Arabs, Kurds, Assyrians, Turcoman, and others.
  6. The political, cultural, and administrative rights of the Assyrians must be included in the new Iraqi constitution under the protection of the United Nations.
  7. The government of Iraq must grant to the Assyrians an Assyrian administrative region on the land of their ancestors located between the Greater Zab and Tigris rivers under jurisdiction of the central government of Iraq.
  8. The constitution of Iraq must state a quota for Assyrians based on the Iraqi census of 1957 guaranteeing their proper representation in the National Assembly and the government through representatives chosen by the Assyrians.
  9. The government of Iraq must provide security for the Assyrians preventing massacres, assassinations of political and religious leaders, and exodus.
  10. Assyrians must be allowed the right to return to their homes and villages in Iraq.
  11. The government of Iraq must take measures to ensure the restoration of Assyrian villages and churches.
  12. The government of Iraq must take measures to restore and protect the Assyrian national identity in recognition of its historical significance to Iraq and the world civilization.
  13. The government of Iraq must ensure the allocation of an equitable share of the distributed national revenues for the Assyrians.
  14. The government of Iraq must ensure that reconstruction aid be allocated on an equitable basis.
  15. The forthcoming census of Iraq must deal with the Assyrian refugee issue.
  16. To safeguard the rights of the Assyrians, all Iraqi elections and censuses must be monitored by international and human rights organizations.
  17. The government of Iraq must take appropriate measures to protect the Assyrian archeological sacred and historical sites; in particular to prevent the building of the Makhoul dam which will permanently bury the valuable remains of the ancient city of Ashur.
  18. We request that the Turkish government provide security for repatriating Assyrian families returning to their homes.
  19. We demand that the government of Turkey formally and officially recognize the genocide of the Assyrians, Armenians, and Pontic Greeks during World War I.
  20. We appreciate the concerns and help that have been provided to the Assyrian Iranians by the government of Iran and ask that the democratic process continue in the future.
  21. We demand that the government of Syria immediately release the Assyrian prisoners of the Hasaka incident and bring to justice those responsible.
  22. We request and encourage the government of Syria to increase the political and cultural rights of the Assyrian people and to support Assyrian institutions and organizations.
  23. We welcome the withdrawal of Syrian troops and intelligence from Lebanon and we welcome the recent parliamentary elections in Lebanon. We have trust in the Lebanese people’s capability to improve their system of government to be a model of democracy. We demand that the Lebanese government include the rights of our people in administrative and governmental institutions.