Assyrian Universal Alliance > Resolutions > Congress Resolutions > The 16TH CONGRESS LONDON-UNITED KINGDOM AUGUST 17-24, 1985

The 16th Congress of the AUA after a thorough study of the status quo of our people in the Middle East reached the following resolutions:

  1. The AUA will utterly commit its political arm to support the Assyrian Democratic Movement in its just struggle against Iraqi Baathist Regime and will entirely direct all its political bureaus all round the world to facilitate all available measures to help our gallant brothers.
  2. The AUA will direct thoroughly all its endless efforts towards the unity of all the Assyrian Political Organizations and owing to the prevalent critical situation, it’s absolutely necessary to drop all their differences and disputes for the sole aim of helping our brave brothers in the course of their just struggle.On this occasion, the AUA extends an open and cordial invitation to all the Assyrian Political Organizations to attend the meeting which will take place sometime later on this year.
  3. The AUA strongly condemns the barbaric acts of executing our innocent Assyrian youths and imprisoning hundreds of our innocent brothers and sisters committed by the Bathist regime of Iraq.
    The AUA grasps this opportunity to extend its deepest gratitude to all the countries and the humanitarian organizations of the world involved in solving the problem of our refugees.

Glory and Immortality of our brave martyrs
Long live the Assyrian struggle for gaining our National Rights.
Long live the Assyrian Universal Alliance.