The 15TH CONGRESS USA- Chicago. Ill. November 29th- December 2nd , 1984

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  1. RESOLVED: That the republic of Iraq declares the Assyrians to be the third majority Nation in Iraq, and that the government announce that Iraq is made of three major nationalities; the Arabs, the Kurds, the Assyrians and other minorities.
  2. RESOLVED: That the republic of Iraq issues a new ordinance to teach the Assyrian language to all the children of the Syriac speaking people of all Christian denominations (The Assyrians) regardless of their percentage in any one school.
  3. RESOLVED: That the republic of Iraq cease the execution of our innocent Assyrians and release all Assyrian prisoners who are falsely and wrongly accused as political, The Assyrian were never, and will not be a threat to the republic of Iraq.
  4. RESOLVED: that in all and every case, we do not condone any force of violence instructive acts in any country, where Assyrian people reside except self defense.
  5. RESOLVED: That the Assyrian people all over the world love all the people of Iraq, the Arabs the Kurds and other minorities as brothers and sisters and would like very much to live with them in peace and harmony as citizens of Iraq.
  6. RESOLVED: That the 15/16 congress of the Assyrian universal alliance calls on allĀ  nations of the world and specially the united nations to protect the Assyrian nation fromĀ  being assimilated by force in the middle east and anywhere in the world, and that our heritage, culture language to be protected from any ones who want to destroy it.
  7. RESOLVED: That the role of the Assyrian women to be equal in all respects with full rights as those of Assyrian men, in social, economical, political and intellectual endeavors.
  8. RESOLVED: That the Assyrian universal alliance is calling upon all the Assyrian people and the Assyrian organizations all over the world to join together under one leadership, one name, one treasury and one flag, so that we can be able to protect our nation from being forced to assimilate in pots of other nations, only in this way we will be able to gain all our rights and reach our sacred goals.
  9. RESOLVED: Reminding: That the republic of Iraq re-builds all the Assyrian villages in the north, help their original residents return to their homes and villages and help them in farming their farms once again and re-build their schools and churches and protect them from any violence against them.
  10. RESOLVED: That the Assyrian universal alliance supports a free Lebanon under the present government leadership. And that we ask all foreign forces to pull out of Lebanon.
  11. RESOLVED: That the Assyrian universal alliance is asking the United Nations and all humanitarian organizations of the world to safeguard the Christian in the Middle East and protect them from being annihilated or forced to leave their homes and countries and be refugees in the west or other places.

The Assyrian universal alliance has promised under oath to the almighty god and to the Assyrian nation, that it will always devote all its available time and all its power and knowledge and experience and ability to serve the Assyrian nation and to try to safeguard it from all hardships and to help it sail its ship to the holy shores of “BET NAHRAIN”