Assyrian Universal Alliance > Resolutions > Congress Resolutions > The 14th CONGRESS LOS ANGELES-USA AUGUST 28-31, 1982

The Assyrian delegates came from distant countries (Uruguay, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Iran and USA; and support telegrams from England, W. Germany, Canada, Australia, Iran and USA) to participate in the Assyrian Universal Alliance 14th Congress. Their reports submitted to the general body were thoroughly discussed along with the recent development in the Assyrian communities with regard to their social, economical and political situation.

A thorough and investigative look into the prevailing circumstances of the Assyrian Nation shows a retreat from bad to worse. We say it with sorrow and pettiness. The Assyrians are being hurt by internal retro-activities and non-sense rivalries. In addition, other foreign elements are meddling in our internal affairs with a purpose to ruin our national work and cripple the effort to gain our legal rights.

The Congress after discussing the situation in light of the above factors resolved that the Assyrian national work in these circumstances is to act collectively in a nationalistic manner. To accomplish this, a request in this meaning is to be forwarded in fraternal spirit to our political, national and social organizations all over the world to get together in a national convention for this purpose and for the purpose of solving our problems and uniting our masses.

The Assyrian Universal Alliance Congress in Los Angeles believes that the Assyrian people are aware of their present deplorable situation and will emphasize on this resolution. The Assyrian Universal Alliance will further follow up and fulfill its national responsibilities and will let other nations and the world opinion listen to the just voice of the Assyrians.

The Assyrians as a peace-loving nation have and are claiming their legal rights in their original homeland, the present Iraq. It is vital that they enjoy their political rights as a nation since they are serving the country and have obligations towards its security. On this basis they must have equal social and political opportunities similar to other citizens of Iraq.