The following proposals are presented on this date to the government of Iraq by the Assyrian Universal Alliance.

  1. It is proposed that your government take note or the Assyrians constitutionally as a nation by language, culture and religion within the framework of the Iraq people.
  2. It is proposed that your Government under existing educational laws establish schools where the culture of the Assyrians can be instructed freely to al interested student in order to implement the educational rights of minorities according to the United Nations resolutions on minority educational rights. Further, in already existing schools, the exact history and the contributions of the Assyrians past and present should be underlined.
  3. It is proposed that your government in Northern Iraq help all Assyrian villages be re-united by family and kinship in an agricultural setting so as to preserve their cultural, linguistic, and religious and human ecology.
  4. It is proposed that your government in accordance with your constitution of Iraq, re- open negotiations with the Assyrian Universal Alliance to continue those discussions started in 1973 by the late Malik Yacoub de Malik Ismail. Due to the fact that the creation of the autonomous states of your minorities was approved by the Revolutionary Command Council in March of 1974, and that now the Kurdish Autonomy has been implemented, the same autonomous state for the Assyrians can be brought to discussion.
  5. It is proposed that your Government recognize the Assyrian Universal Alliance officially as a political organization to serve the interests of the Assyrian on social, economic, agricultural and other progressive aspects in Iraq.