Assyrian Universal Alliance > Resolutions > Congress Resolutions > The 10 th CONGRESS LONDON, ENGLAND OCTOBER 3-8, 1977
  1. The 10th Congress hereby expresses its profound gratitude to the Government of England for the privileges accorded to the members of the Assyrian Universal Alliance on the occasion of its 10th Congress that was held in London, England.
  2. The Assyrian Universal Alliance is an organization, which represents the majority of Assyrian Societies in the world.

    We welcome other societies or parties which have the same Aims as Assyrian Universal Alliance, to join or work together with us so that we could coordinate our efforts to achieve our Ultimate Aim; the Assyrian Homeland.

  3. The 10th Congress of the Assyrian Universal Alliance deems it necessary to again register its profound concern of the welfare of the Assyrian people’s deplorable situation in Lebanon, again being victims of circumstances.
  4. The majority of our people live in Middle Eastern Countries, in the past few years, and to the present day, it is unfortunate to witness the mass migration of our people from their ancient original homelands, because of PRESECUTION, FEAR OF PERSECUTION and VIOLATION of our HUMAN RIGHTS.

    The time has come when it is not enough to be loyal and obedient; time has come when we should be given not only our HUMAN RIGHTS, but also our SELF-DETERMINATION RIGHTS.

  5. Since the majority of the Assyrians still live in the land of our forefathers (the present day Iraq), and this is historically proved, the settlement of the Assyrian Nation as an Autonomous State in the Republic of Iraq, will not only stop the departure and dispersion of the nation, but will also be a great support for Iraq.

    We ask the Iraq Government to grant the Assyrians and Autonomous State, all in accordance to their Resolution under the minority rights in Iraq.
    When Autonomy is granted, it will be most advantageous to both parties concerned in Iraq. It will be great publicity for Iraq worldwide and it will attract the world’s attention, which in turn will bring many people and tourist to Iraq, the cradle of Civilization.