Secretary General of Assyrian Universal Alliance statement on the crimes of the DAESH (DASH/ISIS) terrorist group in Iraq.

In Iraq, we are witnessing the brave military offensives aimed at liberating Mosul, which is the ancestral homeland of the Assyrians. The Mosul offensive which were carried out by the Iraqi forces, and in the process led to the liberation of many Assyrian cities and villages, is a historic turning point in the history of the democratic governance in Post-Saddam Iraq as well as the war on terror in the region. The Assyrians of Iraq have long suffered from crimes against humanity, genocide, and massive violations of human rights laws at the hands of terrorist groups.

Rape and murder of women and children, slaughter of the elderly, occupation of Assyrian lands, forced displacement of the Assyrians, and using them as human shields are only a small sample of the crimes of these terrorist groups, which unfortunately have yet to be effectively addressed by international human rights organizations and states claiming to defend the Assyrian population.

I, as the Secretary General of the Assyrian Universal Alliance, in unison with all Assyrians strongly condemn the crimes of the ISIS terrorist groups in Iraq. I would like to extend my gratitude to the government of Iraq, the Iraqi forces, and the Popular Mobilization Forces (Hashd al Sha’bi) for their liberation of Mosul including the Assyrian cities and villages, and the aid to the Assyrians from the central government. We ask the United Nations and other regional and international human rights organization for immediate and decisive action to prevent the continuation of the atrocities and human rights violations being committed against the Assyrians by the terrorist groups, as well as, providing support for the Assyrians, the Iraqi government, the Iraqi forces, and the Population Mobilization Forces in their fight against the terrorist groups.

Yonathan Betkolia
Secretary General
Assyrian Universal Alliance