Honorable Yonathan Betkolia – AUA Secretary General statement regarding the terrorist attacks in Assyrian city of Qamishly

Urmia, 31 December 2015

The Assyrian Universal Alliance condemns, in the strongest terms, the attacks on the restaurants owned and operated by Assyrians in the city of al-Qamishli (northeast Syria), where our people have been observing Christmas and preparing to usher in a New Year with hope for peace. It is incumbent on the United Nation Security Council and the international community and organizations to recognize these barbarous acts against Assyrians in Iraq and Syria as Genocide.

These cowardly attacks are directed at uprooting Assyrians from their ancestral lands. The utter failure of the non-Christian forces in control of the area to avert such inhumane attacks on innocent people is not only unacceptable but unpardonable. Time and time we have witnessed the utter failure of regional militia forces to provide the necessary security and safety for the Christians in the region. The Assyrians now demand that they be trained and equipped to take control over their own safety, security and destiny in the region.

Yonathan BetKolia
Secretary General
Assyrian Universal Alliance