AUA Condolences letter to Abnaa Alnahrain

To the beloved members of Abnaa Alnahrain, With deep sorrow we heard about the untimely passing of rabi Ishmail Nano, the loss of such brave individuals is a great loss to our nation. In these turbulent times in our blessed fatherland, we are in need of inspired ideas. The achievements of rabi Ishmail will not be forgotten and his memory will live in through all of us. We are confident that you will continue in his path to fulfill our nation's ultimate goal. Assyrian Universal Alliance, with this short message, extend our most heartfelt condolences, to the family, ...

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AUA Secretary General, Hon. Yonathan Betkolia, Message on the 48th Anniversary of the founding of the Assyrian Universal Alliance

AUA Secretary General, Hon. Yonathan Betkolia, Assyrian New Year Message

In the name of God, the creator of all creations Date: 12/26/6765 No: 437 Blessed Metropolitans, Devout Bishops, Noble Priests, Honored Deacons, Beloved Assyrian Organizations, and Faithful Assyrians: Happy Nissan 6766 With my warmest greetings and respect: Nature awoke from its deep winter sleep and with it the blossom of the lilies gave news of renewal and preservation.  Nature with its beautiful spring blooms gave us the beautiful smell of renewed life.  Although nature doesn't have the awareness of humans nor a philosophical mind, it knows that with the arrival ...

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AUA Secretary General, Hon. Yonathan Betkolia, Easter Message

Hon. Yonathan Betkolia released the following statement for Easter to Assyrians worldwide

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Assyrian delegation meeting with Australian officials March 2015

Sydney - 20 March 2015 On Thursday, 19 March 2015, a delegation headed by Mr. Hermiz Shahen, Deputy Secretary General of the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA), Mr. David M. David , President of the Assyrian Australian National Federation, Mrs. Suzy David , AUA senior advisor and Former Deputy Secretary General, held meetings with the Australian government officials in Canberra. The AUA invited Mr. Emmanuel Khoshaba, the Secretary General of the Assyrian Patriotic Party currently visiting Australia from Iraq to join the delegation. The delegates were welcomed by the Hon. ...

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