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Assyrian delegates met with Fairfield Mayor, Frank Carbone, on Friday June 8, 2012. The Assyrian Universal Alliance – Australian Chapter (AUA) and the Assyrian Australian National Federation (AANF) congratulated his worship, Councilor Frank Carbone, Mayor of Fairfield City for his appointment to the office. The delegates in attendance were: Mr. Hermiz Shahen; Deputy Secretary General of the Assyrian Universal Alliance, Mr. David M. David; President of the Assyrian Australian National Federation and Mr. Ninos Aaron, Chairman of Young Assyrian of the AUA. Foll...

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AUA’s Activities In Scandinavian Countries

AUA – Secretary General’s Thanks Letter to Sweden Chapter Secretary

AUA – Secretary General’s letter About New Election of Chicago Branch

Establishment of the Assyria Parliamentary Friendship Group at New South Wales State Parliament

The Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) – Australian Chapter is pleased to announce the election of a new chairman and deputy for the Assyria Parliamentary Friendship Group, which took place on Thursday, March 8, 2012 in the Parliament of New South Wales. About 70 members of the upper and lower houses of the parliament attended this meeting along with representatives from many Assyrian organisations associated with the AUA in Sydney. The AUA had proposed the establishment of this group on August 26, 2009, in a private meeting with Mr. Ninos Khoshaba, former member of ...

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Condemnation of Hate Crimes Against Assyrian Businesses in Northern Iraq

In Persian In Arabic On December 2, 2011 the world observed another barbarous act against the Assyrian nation in northern Iraq in the areas controlled by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). In a direct attempt to uproot the Assyrian people from their ancestral lands, incited mobs targeted their businesses, following directives delivered by religious leaders during Friday prayer gatherings. Millions of dollars were looted, damaged and displaced from Assyrian businesses in Zakho, Simele, and Nohadra (Dohuk). The Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) strongly ...

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AUA Participates in the UN Session on Minority Issues

As members of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization, the Assyrian Universal Alliance participated in the Fourth Session on the Forum on Minority Issues in Geneva, Switzerland at the Palace of Nations from November 29-30, 2011. The forum’s focus examined recommendations on “Guaranteeing the Rights of Minority Women” and was chaired by Ms. Graciela J. Dixon, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Panama with Draft Recommendations issued by the Independent Expert on Minority Issues Rita Izsak. In line with this year’s theme, the AUA repres...

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AUA demands reversal of decision to withdraw Lebanese nationality status from 25 Assyrian families in Lebanon

26/11/2011 The Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) is following with great concern the withdrawal of Lebanese nationality status from 25 Assyrian families, members of the Orthodox Church, who have resided in the City of Zahle, Lebanon for decades. AUA is asking the Lebanese authorities to reconsider their decision, correcting the error as soon as possible to secure the future of these families and their children, and to restore the sense of justice among the Lebanese minorities. The Assyrian Universal Alliance believes that targeting any minority sect in Lebanon is ...

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Secretary General’s letter to AUA Australia

AUA – Anniversary of attack on the Assyrian Syriac Catholic Church in Baghdad

On October 31, 2010 the world observed another massacre of our people at the Our Lady of Salvation Syriac Catholic Church in Baghdad, Iraq. The attack happened during worship service and claimed the lives of numerous innocent Assyrian parishioners, priests, and Iraqi security forces. Along with other church bombings, assassinations and kidnappings that have been perpetrated against our defenseless and peaceful people since that cowardly attack, this criminal act is intended to dishearten the indigenous Assyrians, forcing them to abandon our ancestral lands and fleeing our ...

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