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Natural Recourses – item 6 – July 24-28, 2000

SubCommission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection Of Minorities Working Group on Indigenous Populations Eighteenth session 24-28 July 2000 Intervention for Agenda Item 6: Standard-setting activities including a review of indigenous peoples' relationship with natural resource, energy and mining companies Mr. Chairman I am attending this working group as a representative of the Assyrian people. Presently an estimated half of our population lives outside our indigenous land of Iraq. This converts into about 2 million people who still live in Iraq. However ...

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UN Refugee Chief in Middle East to strengthen with gulf states and Muslim world – April 2, 2007

UN REFUGEE CHIEF IN MIDDLE EAST TO STRENGTHEN TIES WITH GULF STATES AND MUSLIM WORLD New York, Apr 2 2007 2:00PM After wrapping up a weekend trip to Baghdad to find ways to bolster humanitarian support for the millions uprooted by the conflict in Iraq, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR is in Bahrain today, as part of a mission to the Middle East to strengthen the agency’s partnerships with Gulf nations and the Muslim world in general. In Baghdad, Mr. Guterres held talks with top officials, stressing that the Iraqi Government must take control ...

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