Honorable Yonathan Betkolia – AUA Secretary General statement regarding the terrorist attacks in Assyrian city of Qamishly

Urmia, 31 December 2015 The Assyrian Universal Alliance condemns, in the strongest terms, the attacks on the restaurants owned and operated by Assyrians in the city of al-Qamishli (northeast Syria), where our people have been observing Christmas and preparing to usher in a New Year with hope for peace. It is incumbent on the United Nation Security Council and the international community and organizations to recognize these barbarous acts against Assyrians in Iraq and Syria as Genocide. These cowardly attacks are directed at uprooting Assyrians from their ancestral ...

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Honorable Yonathan Betkolia – AUA Secretary General Christmas Greeting

Honorable Yonathan Betkolia – AUA Secretary General Assyria Martyrs’ Day Message

Honorable Yonathan Betkolia, MP​, AUA Secretary General's, letter in commemoration of Assyrian Martyrs Day and honoring our Martyrs and their sacrifices.   Assyrian Martyrs Day 2015

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Honorable Yonathan Betkolia – AUA Secretary General Assyria Day Message

Honorable Yonathan Betkolia, MP, Assyria Day message to all Assyrians.

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AUA Secretary General Yonathan Betkolia meets with a delegation from Norwegian Parliament

  السـيـد بت كـوليـا يجتمـع بالـوفد البـرلمـانـي النـرويجـي ومسـؤولين إيـرانـيين طهـران،  ٧ أيـار ٢٠١٥ عقـد أمـس السيد بت كوليـا، السكرتير العام للاتحـاد الآشوري العالمي وممثل شــعبنـا في البرلمـان الإيـرانـي، لقاء مع أعضـاء البرلمـان النرويجـي المؤلـف مـن السـادة:  Nykn Hvytflt  رئيسـة السـياسـة الخـارجيـة ومجل...

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Assyrian Genocide Monument Vandalized 2015

Sydney – 16 April, 2015 The Assyrian genocide monument, a memorial to the nearly 750,000 Assyrians murdered by Turkey’s Ottoman Government during World War I was discovered this morning vandalized at Bonnyrigg Park, Bonnyrigg. The vandals painted Nazi swastika marks on the monument and plaque, and spray painted the words “F*** Armenians, Assyrians and Jews” on the left and front sides of the base of the monument. This is the fourth time that this monument has been desecrated in such an offensive manner. This incident has occurred on the centenary commemorat...

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, April 9, 2015 AUA Americas participated at the 28th Session of the Human Rights Council at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland from March 17 – 25, 2015. Alen Mirza and Rosemary Youhana, together in coordination with Assyrian civil society leaders from the Middle East and Europe, traveled to Geneva for ten days to address human rights abuses facing Assyrians in Iraq and Syria. AUA Americas facilitated the participation of Mr. Mikhael Benjamin, Vice-President of the Nineveh Center for Research and Development in ...

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