1. The ninth Congress hereby express its profound gratitude to the Government of Sweden and its peace loving people for the privileges accorded to the members of the Assyrian Universal Alliance on the occasion of their ninth Congress that was held in Stockholm, Sweden; and we further express our appreciation to the Government of Sweden for their kind and humanitarian attitude they have adopted in behalf of the stateless Assyrians that have settled in Sweden.
  2. After thorough consideration and study of the deplorable situation of the Assyrian people residing in Turkey, with regards to the violation of their Human Rights and their present precarious economical, social and political problems.
    This Congress expresses its deep concern for their welfare and we wish to inform the government for Turkey that immediate action be taken to alleviate this fragrant situation.
  3. The ninth Congress of the Assyrian Universal Alliance does not encourage the Assyrian people to leave their National Countries; and we shall not have any sympathy towards any more migration of Assyrian people from any country.
  4. The ninth Congress of the Assyrian Universal Alliance deems it necessary to register its profound concern about the Assyrian people’s present situation in Lebanon being victim of circumstances in the recent civil conflicts.
    We shall continue to seek and render Humanitarian Aid to our needy Assyrians.
  5. With firm faith in the character of HUMAN RIGHTS and the Declaration of the United Nations, pertaining to freedom, justice and equality for all people, large or small, we appeal to the United Nations and Humanitarian Organizations of the world, that the Assyrians are a peaceful people and are entitled to live in peace and DESERVE SELF-PRESERVATION.