1. The eighth Assyrian Universal Alliance Congress extends its appreciation to the Government of the Republic of Iraq for the full freedom of the Assyrian people to exercise their political rights by participating in their Congress.
  2. The eighth Assyrian Universal Alliance Congress extends its gratitude to all International Relief Organizations namely, the World Council of Churches, the International Red Cross, Iranian Red Lion & Sun Society and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for the consideration and help that they have given to the needy Assyrians.
  3. Through consideration and study of the Assyrian people dwelling in Syria in regards to their economical, social and political problems, the eighth Assyrian Universal Alliance Congress expressed that the Government of Syria take immediate action to alleviate this fragrant situation.
  4. In all and every facet of our social, economic, political and intellectual endeavor, the role of the Assyrian women, to be equal in all aspects, to those now enjoyed by men.
  5. In all and every case, we do not condone any force of violence or instructive acts in any country where Assyrian people reside.
  6. The eighth Congress calls on all Nations and the United Nations that the Assyrian Nation be continued to be historically known as ASSYRIA, and NOT as a religious denomination or tribal Sect.